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Brenna Wallace

Human Trafficking & Disabilities Advocate

Human Trafficking & Disabilities Advocate

A Lady with Lilies Society

Hello, my name is Brenna, from Alberta Canada. Brenna has an IQ of 145, Is an Internationally known and recognized Lived experience Expert in three kinds of Trafficking, she taught the Highly rated: We are the Forgotten, Developmental Disabilities and Sex trafficking how they coincide, Brenna is trained by the Organization for Security and cooperation in Europe's: Office of Democratic Institutions and Human rights as a Trainer of Frontline Responders in the Trauma informed approach and National Referral Mechanism to address risks of trafficking in Ukrainians as a Result of Armed Conflict. Brenna got started when she began raising a raped child, looking for resources was daunting. Our family barely survived six years of the offender on bail through multiple breaches. Now Brenna connects Survivors and resources all over the world. As a Survivor Brenna is passionate about changing the Struggles faced by Victims of trafficking. She offers Trainings and Consultations as the only Openly autistic Survivor of Human Trafficking.

Brenna's goal is to reach out to other Survivors around the world with A Lady with Lilies Society's program the Sisterhood of Survivors a Survivor peer- support network. Brenna does outreach with children on the Autism spectrum providing them with peer support to stay out of exploitive situations. Brenna Provides Advocacy to fellow survivors and people on the spectrum referring them to resources they didn't know were there.

Due to Brenna's unique perspective as an Autistic survivor of three kinds of trafficking including Familial Disability Trafficking, Romeo Sex Trafficking, and Romeo Labor Trafficking. Having almost died nine times by the age of 30 Brenna has an expert knowledge in staying alive. After a cumulative 26 years of abuse Brenna is able to peer support other Survivors into freeing themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Due to Brenna's intimate knowledge of trafficking sew provides deep- wisdom to those who want to learn. Brenna showcases the Human side of Trafficking; Brenna is a highly rated presenter.

In three years, A Lady with Lilies Society has gone from five Survivors to twenty-six survivors in three countries. Brenna's first ever submission to an international Conference was chosen. For the Kempe Conference to change child welfare teaching the highly acclaimed We are the Forgotten. In 2022 Brenna is Returning to the Kempe Conference: A call to change child welfare Teaching: The Complex needs of Families of Assaulted Children. Brenna will be presenting at the 2022 19th Annual International Human Trafficking and Social Justice conference hosted by Dr. Ceilia Williamson and the university of Toledo. Brenna will be presenting: Developmental Disabilities and Sex trafficking How they Coincide. In June of 2022 Brenna Submitted her Resume to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe's Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Training of Trainers. Within Four hours Brenna had an official Invitation to attend. Only Thirty people from around the world were in the first training, with two more anticipated by the end of 2022.

Eight years after escaping Brenna was forced to confront her own past to teach her hurt child how to move on the right way. With Acceptance and a fair bit of arguing, that hurt child graduated on time having only missed two months of school. Being forced to face her hidden past made Brenna realize that if she wanted things to change, that she would become the Pheonix and rise from the ashes and make sure that what happened to her is stopped from happening to someone else. Brenna has experience with what can go wrong with reporting trafficking, and how victims are missed, gives her personal experience to utilize in educating Law Enforcement. Being a child who was missed by the child welfare system, was missed as a trafficked adult by child and family services, with a social worker giving Brenna's Trafficker the ability and assistance with depriving her of her children. And as the parent of a raped stepchild spearheading the investigation into her child's case. Allows her to teach social services from three backgrounds at the same time.

Brenna has graduated twice from the Rebecca Bender Initiative, Elevate academy Survivor school. and is a member of the Elevate Academy Alumni, Survivor Alliance, The Global Academy of Human Trafficking Scholars, The Canadian coalition against Sexual Exploitation, The Canadian Coalition of Human trafficking Survivors(coming soon), Is Certified by Shared Hope International on Foster care and Commercial sexual exploitation, Is Certified by the Organization for Security and Co-operation In Europe's Office of Democratic institutions and Human rights as a Trainer of Frontline Responders in the Trauma informed approach, and National Referral Mechanisms to address the risks of Trafficking in Ukrainians. Brenna teaches on how predators lure victims, Flight, flight, freeze, please, Branding and Collars 101, Romance Traffickers 101, How traffickers target people with developmental disabilities, and the added Vulnerabilities caused by varied Family Backgrounds.

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